New Phone, Who Dis?

Have you ever met someone before, clicked with them well at one point in your life, then later on, you realize that the click wasn’t there anymore? I’m not speaking in romantic terms, more as relationships or friendships in general. You think to yourself, why do I still talk to this person? Do they benefit me at all? How are they affecting my life?

This is the thing with those situations, it sucks and you start to question what is going on but people grow apart and that’s alright!

Ever wonder what you should do? Should you stress about the next step or just let things flow?

Although you can’t go through life selecting who you work with, who you have class with or who you come in contact with, being exposed to people with different views and different personalities is very important. It’s a learning experience about the real world, but you do have control over people who you invest time into or consider friends.

Surround yourself with friends that are like you. Find those that have the same goals as you. Those that are like you, are most likely going to motivate you to reach your goals. Having someone behind you to push you and hold you accountable is a great resource.

So what do you do with your “friends” that aren’t benefiting you? Start to distance yourself. Venture out and find other friends. Having things in common with them will most likely make you happier.

You can even hit them with one of my favorite curve lines, “New phone, who dis?” 😉

Life is too short not to have valuable company!

image by : Michael Lopez photography

Till next time,



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