Long Distance Relationships: Are They Worth It?

Relationships are hard. Long distance relationships are even harder. The thoughts of not having your significant other by you all the time sucks. The question is always “Is it worth it?”

long distance

I’ve been in a relationship for the past two years with long distance being part of it for 1. We went from seeing each other all the time to seeing each other 4 times in one year. I’m no expert at this, nor am I an expert at relationships, but I want to give a little insight on what I think about them.


They give you a chance to grow as individuals as well as a couple. Without having to be with them all the time, you have the chance to learn about yourself and what you can do to benefit you. You have time to focus on what you need to focus on, whether it’s work, school, a new hobby, etc. It makes you a stronger person.


It’s the only thing that you’ve got. You value every message you get from them. From texting to phone calls, to snapchat, to skype. Thank goodness for Apple products and FaceTime as well. It gives you enough happiness to get you through a couple hours or a whole day. There’s nothing like a good old face to face conversation.


There can be a love hate relationship of when you’re going to see them next. You finally set a date when you’re going to see them again and you’ve bought your plane ticket, but the days, weeks, and months can tend to drag out. You might even get annoyed because you want it to be instant. But, I promise you, once you see them again, it’s well worth it.


This is a hard one. It can make or break the relationship. Once the trust is built, the couple is unstoppable. If you can trust each other from miles and miles away, once you get together, the bond is incredible.


Your significant other live in a place you always wanted to visit or never been? Going to visit them gives you an excuse to be a tourist for a weekend. Plan ahead and have them take you to all the hottest spots. You get to enjoy yourself as well as making memories with them.


Surprising your boo with random cards, gifts, letters, or whatever is on a completely different level now. They never expect it and the appreciation for it is off the charts. If you want them to know that they are loved, fly out to their city for the weekend without telling them to surprise them. I promise you, it will be something they will always cherish.


There’s no other sense of happiness that comes with finally seeing your significant other after a long period of time. It’s a feeling of getting butterflies in your stomach again, non-stop smiling or chatter, feeling like it’s your first date again.

Stay positive. Set goals. Be open. Be proud. 

Is it hard? Without a doubt. Is it worth it? In my opinion. Absolutely.

Till next time,





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