Here’s to the girls like me…

In today’s society, it seems that the only people that get attention are the ones shaking their butts on Instagram for some likes or trying to get their snapchat followers up. Young girls feel that’s the way the world is and that’s how you become noticed, but I’m here to say that it’s not. This is an open letter to those girls that have different goals and are focused but don’t get noticed like they should. So this post, is to the girls like me.

To ones like me,

You have goals to succeed and flourish. You stay up late at night studying for the midterm the next week or writing a paper that’s due soon. You work long hours trying to pay for your own things. You don’t go out all the time, and you think staying inside and binge watching Netflix is fun. You may have even been called boring once or twice but you don’t mind because you know what you’re doing is okay. You never feel the need to twerk on Instagram or snapchat and show a naked body. You know your worth. You may think that no one is watching what you do and no one appreciates you because your accomplishments aren’t broadcasted. You don’t brag about the things you’re doing currently or in the future. You’re humble and you know what to say and when to say it. This is for you. I’m letting you know that what you’re doing is okay, and you’re on a great path. Don’t let the world influence your life and keep grinding and pushing for your dreams. You’ve got this!!


Alexis, A girl that is just like YOU!!



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