To all my “Sistas”…

Hey guys, I’ve been absent from the blog game for a tad too long, I’m sorry to all my readers!

Yesterday on Facebook I had posted to a picture of a painting that was done at the local Via Arte event in Bakersfield. It was a picture of a black girl that had her hair half straightened and half curly. It spoke to me so much, that I want to address it. This is the original picture that was being replicated at the event.


Dear “Ariel”,

This picture speaks to me. Why? Because for years I struggled with being accepted by having straight hair like the majority of the people I went to school with growing up. This picture shows the struggle that many black girls have to go through, whether to be different or to conform to their peers and the media.

When I was growing up, if your hair wasn’t straight or in braids, it would be considered “nappy” because not many people knew the difference in black hair. Natural hair wasn’t glorified in my school, so I always had my hair in braids all the way through elementary school and jr high. High school I began to straighten my hair, for a bit of a change and to be like everyone else. I didn’t want to stand out or to be different.

Once I got into college I noticed that women were wearing their hair natural, it was shocking because I didn’t see it very often. People always told me that I had beautiful hair, but I wasn’t brave enough to wear it out. At the age of 19, I wore my hair naturally curly for the first time. I was shocked to see how many people actually loved it instead of criticizing it like I thought they would. I began to embrace it and absolutely love my self, my culture, my body, and my hair.

To sum this up, to all my “sistas” out there, don’t be scared to show your natural self and your cultural and ethnic features. It may make us different from everyone else, but it also makes us beautiful. We’re all queens and it’s time to show the world what we’re workin with!

Thank you “Ariel” for speaking to me through a simple drawing.

Till Next Time,




3 thoughts on “To all my “Sistas”…

  1. Great article and you’re beautiful no matter how you wear your hair. But I do have a question. I would think most young black women take their style cues from celebrities, many of which do not wear their hair natural. What’s your take on that?


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