“Comparison is the thief of joy…”

Hey social world, I’ve been out of the blogging game for a little over a month, but I’m back.

This post is about something that’s been on my heart for the past couple weeks.

Ever want something that someone else had but you didn’t have a reason to really want it? For instance, when you were little, you wanted a back pack that other people in your class had. So you went home and told your parents that you wanted it so badly, but they wouldn’t buy it for you because you had a perfectly fine backpack in new condition. There are some people that would be mad at their parents for not buying it for them, or those that would be mad at the other kids that had it, and then there’s the other kids that just wouldn’t care and continue on with their life. Personally, I would have been the kid that was mad at the others that had the backpack and I didn’t.

My parents bought me a car in 2012 and it’s ran perfectly fine for the last three years. No major issues and not much money has had to be put into it for repairs. So virtually, I really have no complaints about my car. Recently, my brother got into an accident and totaled out his car, so he had to get another one. We got my brothers new car and I was jealous. For what though? I have a perfectly functioning car that works well for me and has been a trooper for the past three years.

It’s the summer of 2015. I graduated high school in 2011, and should have graduated college this past June. But, I didn’t. I didn’t focus enough in school to even try to graduate on time. It didn’t bother me until Spring quarter of 2015 popped up. My fellow classmates from high school were all graduating college on time and starting careers. Was I jealous? of course I was. Then later I realized, it’s not like I wasn’t going to graduate. It was just taking longer because I made different choices.

The whole reason I’m writing this is to basically say that we have to be content with the hand that we have been dealt. I made the decision to not take school seriously until recently but I know I’m going to finish even if it’s not on the same timeline as everyone else I knew. I never would want to be in a car accident that totaled out my car or put me in danger, so why would I be jealous that it happened to my younger brother? My whole point is, that we need to be content with what we have and continue to live our lives and strive for success and our goals. No matter how long it takes. Having the extra baggage of being jealous or envious of those around, does nothing positive for us.

My challenge to my readers is, always be happy with what you have. No matter what choices you’ve made in the past, keep striving for the ultimate goal. Whether, it’s to graduate from college, or get a promotion, or even just buy a new car. Keep pushing because no matter what, God has a plan for us and our path might just be a little bit different then our neighbor’s.

hoped for

Till next time!



3 thoughts on ““Comparison is the thief of joy…”

  1. I’ve never had much use for jealousy. This is not an emotion I like to feel, though it’s managed to make it’s presences known in my life from time to time. I recently learned a lesson about jealousy…the cure for jealousy is gratitude. See, it’s not just about being content with what you have. It’s taking it a step further… being grateful for what you have and bring to the table. 🙂

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  2. I agree, and social media doen’t help at all. We see people posts about their accomplishments and then we wonder why aren’t we where they are. Everyone has their own timeline to do things in their life. We may even think we are ready to do things and God steps in and says no you’re not ready yet or I have a better plan for you. I definitely agree with the end part, be grateful for what you have and where you are already. If we make the comparison from the opposite view, there are many people who wish they were at a point that we are.


  3. I also like the picture. So true, many times we focus on getting new things that we overlook what has already been done for us and given to us. If we can be grateful and see how far we’ve come already we wouldn’t be stuck in mindset we are at now thinking “why can’t I have this and that”


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