I’ve been thinking about posting this post for a while now. Don’t know what kind of response I’m going to get or what’s going to come of it. But here I go.

I will always respect those that take a stand for whatever they believe in. No matter if I believe in it or not because they have the courage to stand up for themselves. My biggest issue when it comes to different beliefs is that people don’t respect each other anymore. There’s constant bashing and hatred towards those with different thoughts.

I’m not talking from a religious stand point, I’m talking from a humanitarian standpoint. No one wants to be constantly ridiculed for something that they believe in. No one wants to feel less of a person because someone else doesn’t agree with what they are saying. If you don’t agree then I think those should just agree to disagree and move on with their lives.

Yes there are going to be some beliefs that challenge friendships and relationships but that doesn’t mean they should be bashed and ridiculed after the fact. I’ve been in relationships where we had different views on things but I would never bash them as a person. So I don’t think others should do it either. No matter the situation. If you believe that the sky is purple, then so be it. If you believe that McDonald’s has the best food on the planet, then so be it. But I will never talk down to you or criticize you for your thoughts. As you stand up for yours, I will stand up for mine.

I think that’s a big issue in today’s society. Respecting someone doesn’t mean you have to accept what they think or believe but it doesn’t mean you have to dislike or hate the person either.

Maybe I’m wrong or naive or even blinded by even bringing this up, but this is what I think.

That’s what was on my mind for the day.

Till next time!




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