Writing about the Unknown


Hey world!

I’m Alexis, 22 years old, a CSUB student and a part time barista.

For the past couple months, I’ve been contemplating starting a blog. But my only question was, “about what?” Am I going to have a solid stance on something? What’s going to be my platform and base of my whole blog? When looking through different blogs on the internet, I realized, I’m not a make-up artist and don’t plan on showing tutorials. I’m not a chef and plan on sharing recipes. I have to find my own knack and run with it. So my whole goal is to share whatever is on my mind. I’m not going to do the Facebook status kind of thing because blogs are meant to be longer and more in depth. This is basically just a place to share how I feel about something going on in my life. So, let me get started.

It’s June 20, 2015, many of my friends have graduated from college and are beginning to move on with their lives. Unfortunately I didn’t focus as much as they did in college when I first started so I’m having to pay the price for it as I see everyone else beginning their lives and I’m taking summer school.

It’s summer time, a time for freedom for those in school. It’s a great feeling to not have as much responsibility as we did the past 9 months. Now that my friends and I have gotten older, we’ve got responsibility like work. Others have moved away or their focuses have changed. I’m 22 years old and I realized that it’s now my time to find myself. My time to find my passion or discover myself in a different way. That’s why I titled this particular blog “Writing about the Unknown” because I truly don’t know what I’m going to write about in the future. Don’t know what I’m going to find out. But I’m willing to put forth the effort to find something that ignites a fire in me and helps me grow as a person.

Stay tuned in for what I discover!

See ya!




2 thoughts on “Writing about the Unknown

  1. Hello, your blogging is so inspirational especially going the my tough time as being a young single mother, looking for an job and trying to get my life started back up from the bottom. Reading your blogs give myself more positive mindset as in your still young and really enjoying life, I’m only 20 and shouldn’t think I have nothing to live for besides my daughter which is try to force myself to not give up and continue to try. If there’s any tips or any more positive ideas you have for me can you please let me know, such as job tips, and how to maintain positive or whatever advice you can give will be fine, Thank you!


    1. Thank you so much! I’m here to inspire others through adversity or just motivate anyone that needs it. I’ll be sure to update more soon! Be sure to subscribe so you can get updates as to when I do! Thank you for the kind words!! 🙂


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